Insulation Peterborough

Insulation Peterborough

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We provide a complete solution for all your insulation needs. Whether you need spray foam insulation, loft insulation, insulation removal, cavity wall insulation or removal services, we have got you covered.

Serving the local communities of Cambridgeshire by helping you save money on your energy bills. 

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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Proper insulation can make your house more energy efficient. Cavities behind the drywall need to be filled with good quality insulation to make your house insulated. We have the right tools and experience to provide wall cavity filling insulation services. If you need insulation removal from your wall cavity or any other part of the house, we have proper certification and experience to do that as well. We ensure safety while removing insulation. If it is particularly old insulation that contains asbestos, we take special care while removing insulation. Give us a call when you need insulation installation or removal in Peterborough.

Our Services

Cavity Wall Insulation And Removal

Cavity Wall Insulation And Removal in Cambridgeshire.

The Walls make up most of your house. Walls are also the place where energy loss happens the most. If your walls are not properly insulated your heating bill will skyrocket. Cavity wall insulation Peterborough makes your house much more energy efficient than any other insulation method. The cavity of your wall could be filled with any insulation material that spray foam, batted insulation made of mineral wool. If the cavity insulation is old, mouldy, and not working effectively in insulating your house, it is best to remove the insulation. We use state of the art cavity extraction equipment to remove the insulation inside the wall cavity. We make sure all the insulation is removed, all the area inside your house is cleaned so there is no residual old insulation. After removing insulation we can install new insulation in it’s place.

Spray Foam Insulation in Cambridgeshire

Spray foam is a water resistant, pest resistant, durable insulation with high R-value. It is easy to install and can fill up cracks and crevices easily. It is often used to fill up all the small gaps between joints where air leaks out of. Spray foam insulation can make the indoors air tight in addition to providing good insulation. Unlike traditional insulation, it is not allergenic, or causes long term effects if inhaled. Mould and moisture don’t damage it as it can damage other types of insulation. Although on the pricey side, spray foam insulation is often durable and money saving in the long run.

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Loft Insulation in Cambridgeshire

Insulating your loft can help to prevent heat loss during cold days. Since warm air tends to rise up, an uninsulated loft could cause the warmth to be lost quickly. That is, proper loft insulation is necessary. Good thing is, we provide loft insulation that is durable and effective. We can install wool, spray foam, cellulose fibre, or fibreglass in your loft for proper insulation. Our experts will discuss the pros and cons and you could choose what kind of insulation will fit you best. We are here to provide the best quality loft insulation so you save money on electricity bills every year.

Insulation Removal in Cambridgeshire

Our skilled professionals can remove insulation from wall cavity, loft, garage and more. If the insulation in your house is old, infested, mouldy, damaged and not as effective in providing quality insulation, it is time to replace it. We use high quality equipment to extract insulating material from various spaces. If the insulation is dirty and mouldy, we ensure it doesn’t fly everywhere during removal. You could fix any day of the week for our team to come and remove insulation, so you don’t have to worry about other plans you might have.

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